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Adrienne Cromartie-Wolf  - Executive Chef / Founder

Adrienne Cromartie-Wolf is the Executive Chef and Founder of My Father's House Southern Cuisine in Nyack, New York.  Adrienne graduated from Urban Horizon Culinary Arts in June 2001 and had worked within the Urban Horizon Catering Division.  She previously worked alongside her late father, Franklin Delano Cromartie, at his catering company, Cromartie Caters.  Her experience working with her father instilled in her and her sisters the love for cooking, and gave her a solid foundation in foodservice, and birthed within her the spirit of entrepreneurship.  My Father's House Southern Cuisine is in memory of Franklin Cromartie.  As a woman of faith, Adrienne has dedicated the restaurant to our Heavenly Father, her natural father, and her spiritual father - Bishop Hezekiah Walker. 


Adrienne's roots are from the hills of North Carolina.  Her father started his catering business in the mid-80s where she worked alongside him as a young girl.   Having been raised in the Seventh Day Adventist faith, Adrienne was introduced to vegetarian cuisine which has influenced her cooking.   Adrienne was trained as a chef through the Women's Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDco)/Urban Horizon Culinary Arts program in Bronx, New York.  For more than fifteen years, Adrienne has successfully operated a catering service having catered conferences and private parties for a diverse clientele, including the Brooklyn Executive Business Women’s Association, Love Fellowship Tabernacle, various church conferences, and private dining affairs.  Adrienne annually hosts creative tasting parties.  Adrienne is a retired from Education and with the New York City Department of Education.  She holds dual Master's degrees in Early Childhood Education and School Building Leadership.  Although teaching is what Adrienne loves to do, cooking is her passion. 

My Father's House Southern Cuisine will be transitioning to the perfect home in Nyack.  We are adding our personal touches to the casual dining atmosphere to create a warm and family-friendly experience.  Whether you are single or a large family, when you walk through our doors you will become part of our family.  Adrienne chose Nyack because of its rich history of many African-American contributions within Rockland and the Nyack community.  She stands today on the shoulders of Cynthia Hesdra and many of our ancestors who traveled the trails through the underground railroad, and trailblazing African-American families who settled here in Rockland County, as well as the celebrated author, the late Toni Morrison, who had roots in Rockland County.  .


My Father's House Southern Cuisine's menu will consist of some of the southern classics and some new twists on southern classics.  We will be offering brunch on Saturday and Sunday with live Gospel music.  Our menu will include chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, seven-cheese macaroni and cheese, braised short ribs of beef, some soulfully vegetarian options, sweet potato creme brulee, and pepper jack cheese stuffed hushpuppies.  We will also feature some classic southern desserts including carrot cake, peach and apple cobbler, sweet potato cheesecake, and banana pudding. 

Mervin L. Decosta - Restaurant Operations, Financial, Marketing, and Business Development

Mervin has managed several Reese Corporation franchises including Pizza Hut.  He gained managerial and operational experience as Shift Manager, Assistant Manager, and Manager.  As a Shift Manager, he led teams in maintaining high brand standards.  As an Assistant Manager and Manager, he met customer service guidelines and directed the activities of employees, ensured a high level of cleanliness and sanitation, handled administrative and accounting duties, and scheduled, trained, and developed talent.  As part of the management team, he was instrumental in raising profit margins, controlling costs, and driving sales by implementing local store marketing campaigns and ensuring superb customer service.  Mervin has a hands-on management style and his key strengths include recognizing and nurturing talent.  Mervin brings over 23 years of management experience from New York City Health & Hospitals. 




Our mission is to have great-tasting food coupled with efficient and friendly service because customer satisfaction is paramount.  My Father’s House Southern Cuisine will provide an atmosphere of warmth and inviting service to our patrons, and we will welcome our patrons to our family whether you are single or a family of ten.  We are committed to providing a harmonious atmosphere, southern hospitality, and a casual dining experience.  Our dining environment will be welcoming and sophisticated.  Once you enter the doors of My Father's House you become a part of our Family. 

- Food that Feeds Your Body & Soul 

My Father's House Southern Cuisine - 2021

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